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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Tyler Chappell who was born in Nebraska on May 03, 1979 and passed away on November 09, 2004 at the age of 25. We will remember him forever.

Tyler was the loving son of Travis and Terri Chappell, and the brother to Trent, Trevor, Tierney and Tessa. Tyler was a first time uncle to Tayden Reid. 

Tyler passed away Novemer 9th, 2004 at his Longmont, CO home surrounded by his loving family after an 18 month battle with Leukemia.

He was born in Gordon, Nebraska and lived there until 1989 when the family moved to Holyoke,. Colorado.  He graduated from Holyoke High School in 1998.  He attended UNC of Greeley, Colorado. 

Tyler was an outstanding student and athlete.  He earned the honors of All Conference, All State in football. In wrestling, he was a four-time state qualifier, taking home three medals including the 215lb championship, making him Holyoke Colorado's first state champion in 44 years.  He was also voted Holyoke's Homecoming King.  Tyler has great love for music, playing the drums and the guitar.  He loved being outdoors, spending time in the mountains, working on his 1968 Plymouth Satellite and riding his Honda CBR motorcyle. Tyler was well known for his sense of humor.

Throughout Tyler's life he had been blessed with numerous friends whose love and support throughout his treatments and transplant helped maintain Tyler's spirits.  Their love was so very much appreciated by all his family.

A rosary was held Friday, November 12, at 7pm and Funeral Mass Saturday, November 13, 2004 at the Saint Patrick's Catholic Church in Holyoke, CO

His Friends and Family can also find him on Myspace at  The site is maintained by his family. 

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Tributes and Condolences
life  / Tristan Taylor (cousin)
I'm searching for the right words to express the way that you lived life and I can't seem to find them because it's not something we cross or see on a regular basis. I always looked up to you because you were the one who I absolutely knew had the ans...  Continue >>
Tyler  / Taryn Thayer (1st cousin )
    Tyler I have been visiting your new nephews and they are so cute I know you would love them so much! Trigg got out of the hospital last wednesday and  he is doing so good ! Tessa and Traysen have been here in Gordon this week ...  Continue >>
I miss you   / Taryn Thayer (1st cousin )
Tyler i miss you so much.  I wish you could be here right now and i'm sure if you were here with us all of your neices and nephews and the ones to come would think of you as their favorite uncle because i think of you as my favorite cousin. ...  Continue >>
Next Sunday will mark 4 years since we lost his memory I am doing a half-marathon in Carlsbad, CA for Team in Training which raises money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.  Please help me reach my fundraising goal by January! ...  Continue >>
still hurts   / Trent Chappell (brother)
I hate to do this yet im missing my brother horribly. i know he appreciates that i write so im going to. Im sickend on how fast the time is going bye, if only i could spend another moment to tell him how much i love and miss him. maybe i wouldnt feel...  Continue >>
Hey Kid  / Mitch Chappell (Uncle)    Read >>
When Tyler is Wrestling in Heaven  / Tara Shochat (Cousin)    Read >>
Thinking of Tyler and family  / Justin Newman (Friend)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Tyler  / Tara Shochat (Cousin)    Read >>
Happy Birthday To You  / Tierney Chappell (sister)    Read >>
Happy Easter  / Terri Chappell (mother)    Read >>
Christmas from Heaven poem  / Tara Shochat (cousin)    Read >>
Missing you...  / Jenny Huwa (Friend)    Read >>
Two years ago today  / Tierney Chappell (sister)    Read >>
Remembering You  / Tara Shochat (Cousin)    Read >>
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